Preserving Our Coasts

Your Purchase Matters

Salty Sea Tee has teamed up with Save the Sound donating a proceed of each purchase to projects aimed at improving the beautiful Long Island Sound. 

Save the Sound is working for a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant Long Island Sound, where humans and marine life can prosper year-round, by:

   (1) Keeping our beaches safe for swimming all the time.

   (2) Making our waters healthy for fish and wildlife.

   (3) Improving life for fish, wildlife, and habitat.

   (4) Protecting our critical riverfronts and coastal areas.  

By doing our part, together we can ensure the same salty experiences and adventures for the next generation. 

Socially Responsible Printing

You can take pride in knowing each Salty Sea Tee is handmade in the USA using environmentally friendly printing practices.  Our Original Salty Sea Tees and Salt Shaker Tees are made from conventionally grown North Carolina cotton.  You can track each tee purchased through the entire supply chain back to the farmer.  

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